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There is no denying the fact how important water is for the body and how a few glasses of refreshing, clean water can make a difference.  Considering the chemicals and impurities found in Nebraska drinking water, it is critical to consider our comprehensive Office Water Filtration Services so that your drinking water is pure and your coffee is brewed to perfection.  After all, coffee is 99% water.  Your employees deserve the best for their health and overall refreshment.

Nebraska Water Cooler ServiceWe, at Vending Nebraska Company can take care of your office water needs at a competitive price. Our dedicated team of Point-of-Use water filtration technicians in Nebraska offer worry free maintenance and service.  Our advanced technologies include reverse osmosis and UV filtering remove impurities from tap water, leaving just pure and refreshing water.

Vending Nebraska Company supplies state of the art equipment to your office or business with periodic and timely filter replacement and maintenance across Omaha Nebraska metropolitan area.  Offer your employees a fresh, clean and healthy beverage all day long.